Current Year: 113-ORA (Of the Relentless Age)


The world of old is no more. It died with the stars over a hundred years ago. The Age of The Relentless is how the historians are calling these hard times. Elementals, monsters and other strange creatures roam the wilderness in search of blood. 


People live in great cities looking protection from their walls. Each day brings the worry of raids and the destruction of field crops. Entire kingdoms have dissapeared and only a few are left standing. 


The authorities look for capable people and mostly mercenaries to protect the goods of trade caravans that mean so much to many small towns and villages. Is in this time when true heroes are needed, or at least those who act like them. Relentlessly fighting for the survival of Aludnath’s people.



Welcome to the Land of the Relentless!


This is the page for a Post by Post campaing I’m running. Be free to look around and enjoy the information.


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Game Thread





System: PathfinderRPG




Character Sheet Generator 

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Dice Rollers





Character Creation Basics



  • Starting Level 1
  • All core classes on PathfinderRPG
  • Score Array: 18, 17, 15, 14, 13, 11 
  • Money: Class average
  • Available Races
    • Human
    • Elves 
    • Dwarves
    • Halflings
    • Half-elves
    • Half-orcs 
  • Two Traits 
  • STARTING HP: Full HD for class + CON + Racial variation
    • +4hp = Elf, gnomes, halfling
    • +6hp = Humans, half-elves
    • +8hp = Dwarves and Half-orcs 






Land of the Relentless